Paradiz Records!

PARADIZ RECORDS is the label that gives us the possibility to create and to share! We put together a team of talented artists who are on a mission to take you into a brand New Dimension of Sound!

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John Junior

Live mixing

His producing style transcends time, and he is a creative mindset in delivering the music in the trend every time. As a DJ he has more than 20 years of live mixing, residencies and touring all across Romania, being also a trainer for a famous DJ School.

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Clara Joy

The first resident

Her creative style is the perfect mix between smooth sounds and energetic beats so that each of her performances feels like a rollercoaster. She masters a great skill of introducing that element of surprise in every piece of work she puts her signature on.

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Minimal Beat

Elchinsoul delivers a wide range of repetitive beats. His fast, pulsing tech-house or groovy, chuggy minimal are inspirational for everyone. As a dj he is an eclectic one. With house and techno infused rhythms.

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Deep House Lover

She is gifted with a stunning ability to blend new flavors with familiar sounds, creating a vibe that catches you by surprise with every single one of her appearances.
Her sound is deep and organic, and her vibe is astonishing!

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A touch of magic

She finds her inspiration in the sounds of nature.
She started working in this industry due to this burning desire for sharing her deepest emotions with the world out there.

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Jessie Rey

Mix of French house

Gifted with excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing and coordination. This makes her mixing style easily delivered to the audience.

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Reinvented beats

Bea Sweets has had her eye on becoming a professional DJ ever since she was a teenager.
What began as a hobby a few years ago, has turned into a career that has taken her to places she could have only ever dreamt of.

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Melly Sandree

Music is me

She began working in the studio day and night, with a level of determination reflected in the way she pays attention to even the smallest details. Her style is a mix of deep house and electro-house with Indian heritage influence.

Paradiz Records Studio

With each new release, with each new mix, with each new podcast our legacy grows and there is no bigger satisfaction than that of sending your inspiration out into the open and to see it touching so many souls!

If you want to experience the world of PARADIZ, join us on our “frequency”!

Deep House 100%
Electro House 95%
Oriental 95%